Urban Apologetics

UnknownTypically, books on apologetics are either broadly topically driven (e.g., works on historical apologetics, scientific apologetics, philosophical apologetics, etc.) or narrowly topically driven (e.g., books refuting Mormonism, responding to Islam, answering the new atheists, etc.). What is unique about Christopher Brooks’ new book on apologetics is that it is rooted in place—urban cities—and the specific challenges to the Christian faith found therein. In writing Urban Apologetics, Brooks is attempting to fill a void he perceives in the apologetic literature, for “what is . . . desperately lacking are books that equip urban Christians to take the teaching of Christ and apply them to the most important and defining issues facing our communities and society.”  

I have written a review of this book for The Great Commission Research Journal that can be found here. The strength of the book is that is introduces the reader to apologetical issues that are unique to the warp and woof of the city and thus I recommend it to anyone who is ministering within the urban setting. Topics discussed include abortion, economic justice, homosexuality, religious pluralism, and race.

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