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Along with a renewed interest in religion, an increasingly anti-Christian culture has emerged in the western world. Along with this, the church has grown anti-intellectual and out of touch with the relevancy of Jesus and the gospel to all aspects of contemporary life. As a result the gospel doesn’t get a fair hearing. Hence, the Christian voice is muted. Moreover, Christians often find themselves as fragmented as their non-Christian neighbors, unable to penetrate the darkness with light and the disintegrated with salt. Hence, the Christian conscience is muted. Finally, by and large, Christians view the world in the same way as everyone else—as everyday, ordinary, or mundane instead of deeply beautiful, mysterious, and sacred. Hence, the Christian imagination is muted.

We believe, however, that an authentic missionary encounter with the culture is possible as Christians join with the Holy Spirit and others and (1) embrace God’s call to love him with their minds and seek creative ways to proclaim the goodness, truth, and beauty of Jesus and the gospel (re-establishing a Christian voice into culture); (2) live fully integrated lives under the banner of Christ (re-establishing a Christian conscience into culture); (3) see and delight in the world God has made in the same way Jesus sees and delights in the world (re-establishing the Christian imagination); and (4) engage and equip influential believers in the “culture-shaping” areas of society—the university (truth), the arts (beauty), and the cultural innovators (goodness)—for the blessings of all.

The purpose of the Two Tasks Institute (TTI) is to re-establish the Christian voice, conscience, and imagination within the western world so that Christ will be seen as brilliant and beautiful, Christianity viewed as reasonable and desirable, and people will find salvation in and through Jesus Christ.

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