Top Five Blogs from 2012

UnknownThis week marks the year anniversary of the Brilliant and Beautiful Blog. One year ago I decided to add my voice to the cacophony that is the Internet, and in my first-ever blog I explained why.

I gave two reasons:

First, I need to be reminded, daily, of my greatest need—which is the gospel—and of Jesus, who stands at the center of the great story of God and my own story. I desire to consider, savor, point to, run for, hope in, and worship Jesus Christ. Writing this blog, cultivating the habit of thinking about all of reality through the lens of all that Jesus is and all that he has done on my behalf will help to that end.

Second, I want to suggest to you, the reader, that God is better than you think. Yes, Jesus is our creator. Yes, Jesus is our sustainer. But the really beautiful thing is that he also pursues us. He pursues us when we run. He woos us through our longings. He calls us home—to be with him and to experience life as it was meant to be.  He entered history, walked among us, died on a cross and rose from the dead. Why? So that you and I could find forgiveness for sins and a way “home.”

As I continue the Brilliant and Beautiful Blog in 2013, these two reasons still remain paramount. I’m convinced that Jesus is in fact the beauty of all things beautiful, the truth to which all things point, and the good of all good things. And I’ll continue to seek these gospel connections as I read, study, write, teach, and lecture this next year….and along the way, I’ll be sure to share my thinking with you on this blog.

Given the Brilliant and Beautiful Blog’s one year birthday, I thought I’d celebrate by reposting for you the top five most popular blogs from 2012. I look forward to interacting with you in 2013. With three books in the works, a heavy research and speaking agenda, and my normal teaching rotation, undoubtedly, there will be many opportunities to share what I am learning with you! But first, the top 5 blogs from 2012. Enjoy!

#1: Molinism is a bed of Roses

#2: The Unforgivable Sin and Understanding the Bible

#3 Defeater Beliefs to Christianity

#4 Religious Pluralism and the God of 31 Flavors

 #5 Atheism and the Unscratchable Itch

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