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Resting in the Power of God

images-1In my last post, I examined our longing for omnipotence. We long for a God who can make things right, in our lives and in the world. In this post, I want to consider how we can rest in the power of the omnipotent God.

In Scripture, knowledge of God is intimate and personal. Divine omniscience, omnipresence, or omnipotence are not mere abstract properties ascribed to God so that philosophers can find gainful employment working on the knotty puzzles they generate, rather they are intensely personal. The fact that God has the character He has matters to me! 

Our Longing for Omnipotence

imagesIn his book, A Great and Terrible Love,[1] Mark Galli says something I find very interesting about omnipotence. He says that if God were not omnipotent, we’d invent omnipotence and pin the attribute on him. And the reason, he says, is that we long for omnipotence. The more I think about it, the more I think he is onto something. I found this passage in something I wrote years ago, but it illustrates my point (since, after all, we have just celebrated Christmas):