The Bad Story that is Atheism

images-1We all love a good story. They awaken our longings for drama and connect us to a deeper reality that is true. Right? Wrong, according to the atheist philosopher Alex Rosenberg. We’ve been duped by stories. They make us feel better. They help us get along. But they do not guide us to the truth of what is. Nor do not awaken us to aspire to what ought to be.

Can God Create Abstract objects?

Unknown-1In my last post I set out a definition of God’s omnipotence.[1] In this post I want to consider the scope of God’s omnipotence by examining the question, “Can God create abstract objects?”

Understanding Divine Omnipotence

UnknownA cursory scan of the Bible seems to affirm the following regarding God’s power

  • Nothing is too hard for God
  • With God all things are possible.

A Primer on World Change-Part 3

Unknown-2In my last couple posts (here and here), I shared about James Davison Hunter’s book on world Change. In this post, I want to share about another important book on world change, Andy Crouch’s Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling.

A Primer on World Change- Part 2

Unknown-1In my last post, I discussed James Davison Hunter’s critique of the “common view” of world-change. In this post I want to share his positive proposal. How can Christians faithfully engage the world?