God’s Answer to Man’s Problem of Pain and Suffering

imagesWhen staring face to face with evil—utter, pure evil—human nature is quickly laid bare. It is natural to cry out to God for help. Why God this suffering? Why God this much suffering? Yet…often in these moments of suffering great and small, God seems distant…silent…unconcerned. What to do?

Atheism and Intellectual Bullying: What Gives?

images-1It has been said that there is nothing new about new atheism except for the rhetoric. In this post 9/11 world, we are told that belief in God is dangerousdestructive, and delusional. It is dangerous because people do evil things in the name of God; it is destructive because it forces itself on unsuspecting children under the influence of simple-minded parents; and it is delusional because it bids us to believe contrary to the evidence.

We Are Shaped by What We Think Great

images-1I had a thesis I wanted to test out. I work with university professors, and I’ve noticed that while they are not all alike, many of them share similar characteristics. And depending on what side of the academic aisle the professor lives and works in (broadly: the sciences or the humanities), they seem to have different shared characteristics. So, here was the thesis I set out to test one day: people are shaped by what they think.

The Gospel as Tragedy-Comedy-Fairy Story

Unknown-1In my last post I talked about how Christianity is the greatest possible story. In this post I want to unpack the essence of the Christian story, or the gospel, understood as a three-act play: TRAGEDY—COMEDY—FAIRY STORY.

Is Christianity the Best Possible Story?

imagesI’m currently reading Alvin Plantinga’s excellent book Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, & Naturalism, when in offering a possible reason for sin and suffering, Plantinga suggests that Christianity is not only the greatest story ever told, but the greatest possible story ever told.